The Pet Life® ‘PYURE’ Handheld Travel Filtered Water Feeder is designed to help remove impurities and harmful chemicals found in Water while on-the-go. The PYURE provides an easy and convenient a one-handed water feeding system with a press-to-release button that releases water when tilted downward with a press and tilt upward mechanism to return water into the inner water chamber so water doesn’t go to waste.

The inner chamber holds up to 12.17 ounces of water. Water releases into a curved watering tray that’s designed to help prevent splashing and spilling of water during hydration while easing neck strain. Features a unique and sleek body shaped design with an included built-in wrist band strap for added safety and security. Includes a filter cartridge that’s good for approximately 60 – 90 days of usage (Additional filters are sold separately). Perfect for Travel or Hiking. Available in Multiple Colors.

9.7 X 2.68 X 2.68


  • Removes Harmful Chemicals from water for up to 90 Days per Filtration Cartridge, 1 Filter Included and holds up to 12.2 Ounces of Liquid
  • Simply Press the Button and Tilt Downward to Release Water and Tilt Upwards to return water back into the valve in a one-handed motion
  • Features a Contoured and Innovative Drinking area that prevents spillage and leaks while placing less tress along the neck area
  • Extremely Durable and made of Eco-Friendly Coconut Shells Perfect for travel and includes a built-in carrying strap.
  • Available in Multiple Colors
Pet Life ‘PYURE’ Handheld Travel Filtered Water Feeder